File Hosting - Upload all your amateur sex videos, especially if they include minorites confined to wheelchairs. I guess you can like upload an excel file too? That's kinda gay though

EY.MD Storage Repository - Shitton of hilarious, cringeworthy, helpful (yet free) pictures, PDF's (tutorials, even on dog sex), music, coding tools and source codes and audio. Shit always being added. Want something added? Feel free to email me your suggestions at mj[at], steam or twitter (links in footer). The goal here is to archive all the good shit, even if it's smelly.

EY.MD Webmail - Amazing webmail utilizing this short ass domain. Profesheynul haykers only, that means no african americans or disabled people. We do make exceptions for people that fall under both categories so if you're a black guy and confined to a wheelchair, hit me up.