All Points Bulletin acquired by EY.MD Executive Jaroslaw 'MrEpicGoat' Sokolowski


press release by Andrzej 'mj0nes' Kolikowski

As many of you have previously read, we declared war on the unfair and highly dysfunctional team that was leading the title known to many of you as APB.

EY.MD is proud to announce that one of our board directors and corporate executives has recently finished his acquisition of the All Points Bulletin title from Reloaded Productions for an undisclosed amount. With that acquisition come many different changes to both the production team as well as goals for All Points Bulletin.

First and foremost, Mr. Sokolowski has relieved Diane 'Tiggs' Migliaccio of her contract work in relation to anything All Points Bulletin. Ms. Migliaccio valued her time to around $25/hour as that is what she was being paid by previous title owner Reloaded Productions, however Mr. Sokolowski has first hand experienced what we can only call the most unprofessional conduct and had no desire to allow Ms. Migliaccio to be associated with this title any longer.

After going through the records provided to us by Reloaded Games after the acquisition of the All Points Bulletin title we did find evidence of tax evasion in regards to Ms. Migliaccio and have provided the relevant courts and authorities with copies of these documents. We wish Ms. Migliaccio the best, however, we are not sorry for letting her go, as she was, to put it briefly, toxic to the community itself.

We have also relieved several game moderators and support team members from their roles at All Points Bulletin and will be appointing several new community-friendly and knowledgeable staff members to manage this title under our ownership. We are also ceasing any and all business with the K2 Network publishers and distributors. The game for the time being will be published and distributed by Akol Holdings, a partially state-owned corporation based in Moscow, Russian Federation and under the tight watch of Andrzej 'mj0nes' Kolikowski. Mr. Sokolowski is currently the appointed president for the newly formed Deleware-based S-Corporation that owns 100% of the All Points Bulletin title.

The current board of directors has already decided on several issues, one of the main decisions being that no further updates or communications will be issued regarding the All Points Bulletin title other than this press release detailing the acquisition. We love the community associated with the All Points Bulletin title however we do not see a future for this game, and the title will be used solely by Mr. Sokolowski to do with as he seems fit while some of the newly appointed engineering team tears apart the game code for anything worthwile.

We will be maintaining the community servers associated and slowly removing the servers as the amount of players decreases until the game is officially taken offline and any intellectual, industrial and any other property is sold to other third parties. As much as it may pain some of the players, this is what happens to titles that are managed and supported by non-business savvy people. If there is anyone to blame, it is the individuals that have been relieved of their duties in relation to the All Points Bulletin title.

A huge thank you to all the players that have been continously playing the All Points Bulletin title, a game made by the very same type of people that played it, retards.
Why someone would spend several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to play a literal shit-tier game escapes us, however we did get a pretty good deal on this title, and who doesn't love a good deal?
We wish you the best,
EY.MD Team.